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Who is Gotch SEO Academy for?


Digital Marketing Agencies

Are you a digital marketing agency that wants to impress and retain your clients by getting consistent SEO results? Then Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


Affiliate Marketers

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to rapidly grow your income by driving more organic search traffic? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.



Are you trying to become a full-time blogger and need more traffic to your website? Then Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


E-Commerce Site Owners

Do you own an e-commerce website and want more organic search traffic so you can grow your sales? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


In-House SEOs

Are you responsible for your company's SEO and want to make your boss happy by growing your site's traffic month-after-month? Then Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.


DIY Business Owners

Do you wear all the hats in your business and want to get more traffic and customers from organic search? Gotch SEO Academy is PERFECT for you.

Here's What You Get When You Join:

Module 1

The Foundation

Before you can jump into content creation and promotion, you need to make sure that your website has a strong foundation. Module 1 helps you improve your user experience and help you set your website up for SEO success.

Here’s what you will see on the inside:

  • See and use the SEO Campaign template that's responsible for thousands of first page rankings
  • Learn how to find and fix all technical issues that are plaguing your SEO performance
  • Discover how to use our famous content audit (clients pay us $4,000 + for this process)
  • See how using the "Cake Technique" can make your site into an SEO powerhouse
  • Rank easier than ever before by learning how to structure your website
  • Learn about the micro technical issues that most SEOs overlook
  • Discover how to "hack" Google's image search

Module 2

The Content Formula

Module 2 is dedicated to content creation. When you get inside Gotch SEO Academy, you will:

  • See why chasing search volume is a dead wrong approach
  • Discover how to hack searcher intent (and also learn what you should never do)
  • Learn the 3 keyword targeting strategies that to work for any business
  • Get access to over 30 different ways to find keywords
  • How to validate your keywords (these strategies practically guarantee your content's success)
  • Discover my "secret" keyword validation technique (HINT: it doesn't involve the Google Keyword Planner)
  • The simple 80/20 content creation strategy that turns your website into a backlink magnet
  • Proven content blueprints. Choose a proven blueprint and get results. It's that simple.
  • Learn exactly how to create content yourself (DIY) or use my exact step-by-step strategy for outsourcing it
  • See how to optimize your content for maximum search performance

Module 3

Link Acquisition Blueprint

Module 3 is dedicating to content promotion and link acquisition. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see when you get inside…

  • Evergreen link building principles that don't involve tricks or chasing algorithms
  • See the art of Big Brand Imitation, which makes your website immune to penalties
  • Discover over 30 different link acquisition tactics (that actually work)
  • How to "reclaim" links (that are rightfully yours)
  • See how to qualify and prioritize link opportunities at scale
  • Learn the "art" of relationship building (this works even if you're an introvert)
  • Discover the outreach tactics that work on a consistent basis
  • Proven plug-and-play outreach templates
  • Complete content promotion strategy

Module 4

Amplification Methods

Module 4 will help you get more organic search traffic without having to create content or acquire new backlinks. Here’s what you will see on the inside:

  • Learn how to use my favorite technique: "Long Tail Injection". It is the single best way to get more traffic FAST.
  • Get access to the Phantom Technique - this is my secret weapon for getting more search traffic without doing barely any work.
  • See why your outbound links are probably killing your results... No one thinks about this simple mistake.
  • Discover the Authority Transfer Technique that turns your website into a powerhouse over night.

But That's Not All... You Also Get:


SEO Client Getter Secrets

Get access to the exact tactics I used to grow my SEO client business to multiple six figures in a less than six months


Explosive List Growth Hacks

Discover the exact strategies I used to double my email opt-in rate and grow my list by 172%


Private Mastermind Group

Join other like-minded entrepreneurs who will help you achieve your goals.


Tools, Templates, & Workflows

See the exact tools, templates, approved vendors, and workflows I use to grow my business every year.

You get an all access pass to everything when you join for only...


Or, pay annually & get 4 months free


Person Image
The Gotch SEO Academy is a must for any SEO, regardless of your business model or level of experience. As a new agency owner, I already knew the high level things I should be doing to help my clients rank, but I was missing a process. Nathan's materials helped me with that. Now, I have a step-by-step process I need to improve a client's rankings. Also,...

Leonard Parker

SEO Agency Owner

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Person Image
The Academy has proved to be most useful for me in respect to all of the opportunities to obtain links via resource pages, forums and so on. The large amount of detail alone, is worth the investment. In addition, I particularly enjoyed the on-page optimization and site architecture lessons. Lastly, the follow up questions that were asked in the private...

Andrew Milne

SEO Agency Owner

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Person Image
The information in Gotch SEO Academy is presented very clearly and uniformly. Nathan is a very natural speaker and he does not fluff the info which is much appreciated. Nathan gives it to you straight and direct from the opening seconds of the first module until the very end. At first I was not sure if the course would be suited to guys like me that have a...

Charles Daidone

Business Owner

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Person Image
I read a lot of good SEO blogs and that’s how I initially learned SEO. It’s hard to tell the difference between what’s right and wrong (Black/grey hat vs white hat) when everyone is teaching good stuff and plus a lot of what we read from reputable blogs has gotten the blogger some great results. Gotch’s blog was one of the first white hat SEO blogs...

Kur Win

Niche Sites

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Person Image
Nathan is a great inspiration. His course is very clear because of the many examples he gives. This is by far the best SEO course I have ever taken.

Koen van der Velden

Agency Marketer

Read More
Person Image
I highly recommend investing in Gotch SEO Academy if you wish to get a thorough understanding of SEO explained in simple terms. If a beginner like myself who has had no previous SEO experience can understand and implement this information into your business, then surely you can too. I highly recommend investing in Gotch SEO Academy. The information I have...


Business Owner

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Person Image
I've read a Nathan Gotch's blog before and enjoyed the quality of information he shared. I trust him, and that is why I decided to try Gotch SEO Academy. The course got me covered with my SEO routine for years to come. I have designated almost everything I learned to my freelancers, and now I can spend my time in other areas. There is no doubt that Gotch...

Valentin Matyukhin

Niche Sites

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Who Teaches Gotch SEO Academy?

Person Image

Nathan Gotch

Nathan Gotch is the founder of Gotch SEO, one of the most popular SEO blogs in the world. His company, Gotch SEO, has helped hundreds of companies all around the world drive millions of new organic search visitors to their websites. Nathan's SEO expertise is routinely featured on prominent publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business.com and many others.

Real SEO Results

Most other SEO courses teach a bunch of useless information. Gotch SEO Academy shows you an exact strategy that will help you get more traffic and customers from organic search. Here are some results achieved using the exact formula inside

Result Image

502% More Search Traffic

Result Image

61% More Search Traffic

Result Image

127% More Search Traffic

Result Image

55% More Search Traffic

Result Image

100% More Search Traffic

Result Image

61% More Search Traffic

Result Image

257% More Search Traffic

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Have Some Specific Questions About "Gotch SEO Academy"? I Have Answers for You.

This course is for people at all skill levels. It’s a system, so you can take baby steps all the way through it. I promise, you don’t need to be savvy in technology or have a degree in marketing to learn my system. It’s simple, but powerful.

You should never stop learning, so the answer is YES! My strategy gets results. So if you like getting results, then there is plenty to learn.

Yes, of course! If you want more traffic, leads, or customers, then my system is perfect for you.

Our system is scalable since we are an agency ourselves.

The Gotch SEO Academy system is content-driven and white hat. I’m not going to teach you how to trick the search engines. I am going to show you how to create lasting value, how to promote your content, and how to please your users. My system is evergreen. Meaning, once you start seeing results from the system, those results will stick (unlike black or grey hat tactics).

All Gotch SEO Academy content is pre-recorded. You can watch and digest the content at your own speed.

Gotch SEO Academy is a 6-week academy with hundreds of videos. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend learning. My recommendation is to digest one lesson and then take action on that lesson before moving on. Remember: you have lifetime access, so you can go at whatever speed you want.

Gotch SEO Academy is not a one-and-done type of course. I am always going to improve the course and add new content. You get lifetime access when you join, so you will get to enjoy these upgrades for free.

Do you want more income? Do you want more freedom? Do you want more organic search traffic? Do you want a reliable SEO formula that you can rinse-and-repeat whenever you want? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then it’s time to enroll into Gotch SEO Academy today.


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